Who this course is for

The LYFFG mini-course is for you if:

You've tried diet after diet and never kept the weight off

You want to shift your fat without going hungry or having to do loads of exercise

You want a normal way of eating, not a fad diet

You want to know what's going on in your body and mind - and how to harness that knowledge for your benefit

You want a course which gets to the point and is easy to understand

You are committed to becoming leaner and gaining more energy

You want to get going now!

About the course creator

Jacqui Carrel is a successful BlockBuster! She effectively gets to the root cause of why people's efforts to shift fat and keep it off so often fail - and then helps them succeed!

Because the waitlist to see her is long, she's decided to put her knowledge into online courses, programmes and memberships so that more people can benefit.

Jacqui is a nutritional therapist, hypnotherapist, author and teacher and is based in the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey. She invites you to enrol on this course and finally discover How to Lose Your Fat For Good!

It's easy to join!